This is a situation whereby the number of active cells in the spermatozoa is very low and as a result, it cannot fertilize the egg in a woman’s ovary that can subsequently lead to fertilization and eventually pregnancy can occur. When the sperm count of a man is relatively low, it can lead to infertility, which is inability to bare children. And this is not healthy for our existence as God created human beings so that they can multiply.


To cure low sperm count, you need to get some quantity of guava leaves, pound and mix with 4 litres of boiled water, allow the water to cool, then filter it, store the liquid in a clean gallon that has tight cover and put in a fridge or a cupboard, drink 1 tumbler daily for 2 weeks. After which you should be eating a mixture of carrot and cucumber every night for another two weeks. The condition will increase drastically.


(b)      In alternative, get 20 sachets of ERECTION FORMULA and mix with 2 litres of warm water, add 35cl of pure natural honey, shake very well and be drinking ½ a glass every night until the contents will finish. The sperm count will increase rapidly.

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          It is not healthy to be too fat. It causes high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, etc. Avoid starchy foods, sweet, fatty or oily food. Do a lot of exercise, eat more fruits like: garden eggs, lemon, oranges, tomatoes, lime juice regularly. Eat fruits and take a lot of water everyday. To slim down, you need cork silk (that thing that looks like hair in fresh corn). Get as much as you can like 1 pot full and boil it with 4 litres of water, then filter the water and store in a container with a cover, you can even put it in the fridge. All you need to do, mix the juice from 4 lemon oranges (lemon are not lime, lemon are bigger than lime and they have rough back) with 1 glass of the filtered corn silk boiled water and drink on an empty stomach first thing every morning for a period of 1 month. As you pass out urine, dehydration would take place and eventually you will slim down.


(b)      In alternative, get 30 sachets of LYDOBEST (anti-infection) sliming herb tea. Mix 1 sachet with a glass of warm water, add 2 table spoonful of pure natural honey with four lime juice, stir very well and drink all in the morning before meal every day for a period of 1 month, you will surely slim down.

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          This is an infection that affects the respiratory system of an individual. In most cases, it makes breathing to be difficult if attack occurs.


According to medical research, Asthma cough can be contacted or inherited from parents. People with Asthma cough encounter more danger when they inhale smoke or dust. In recent times, adequate measures has been taken in other to get rid of this deadly ailment called ASTHMA. The most common among all medications for Asthma cough is the INHALER. The Asthmatic patient is expected to carry about the inhaler so that when attack comes, he or she is expected to fix it in his or her mouth so as to make breathing easy. The use of INHALER over the years only provides a temporary relief to Asthmatic patients.


Natural research reveals that Asthma cough can be cured permanently and perfectly too with natural means. When Asthma cough is fresh in a patient, it can easily be cured with the white fluid of a snail and pure natural honey. All one needs to do is to mix 35cl of he snail fluid and 35cl of honey to form syrup, then the person should drink 2 table spoonful of the mixture in the morning and same 2 table spoonful at night everyday for a period of 3 weeks. The ailment will be cured completely. But in case he attack has lasted in the person for so long, for the complete cure of chronic attack, one needs a full dose of ASTHMACURE which is 4 litres and drink ½ tumbler in the morning and same ½ a tumbler at night for 1 month. The ailment will be cured completely.

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This is usually the result of excess sugar in the blood. The pancreas is usually affected and as a result, the production of bile is also affected and subsequently the digestion of carbohydrates is hindered.

TEST FOR DIABETES: It is advisable to test for diabetes naturally before proceeding for the cure. Test for diabetes in the morning with your tongue. If it tastes salty, then it is normal, if sugarish, then it confirms diabetes, if bitter then it confirms the presence of bacteria.

CURE FOR DIABETES: Get 2 litres of BITTER ALOE (Herbal Complex for Diabetes) and drink 4 table spoonful 3 times a day for 1 month.

(b) In alternative, squeeze bitter leaves and scent leaves together, mix with grinded garlic and add 4 litres of boiling water, filter the water and store in a container with a cover, add grinded potash (Akaun) and lime juice. Drink ½ a glass 3 times daily for 1 month.

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Fibroid is an artificial implantation in the uterus, by the side of the womb in women. This usually affects the reproductive systems of women and eventually makes child bearing very difficult. The symptoms of fibroid range from one person to another. The most common symptoms are:

1.       Excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle

2.       Foreign breathing in the stomach

3.       Swollen stomach even when not pregnant

4.       Miscarriages, etc.

Over the years, fibroid has been a very big problem to many women as it prevents them from bearing children. Before now, the only known remedy for fibroid  is through major surgical operation. The stomach has to be torn open and the tumor growth of the fibroid, cut off from the surface to avoid internal bleeding. Since the fibroid cannot be uprooted from its root through major surgery, it can only be cut off from the surface so as to avoid internal bleeding; there is a tendency that the fibroid can grow again. Out of every 10 women that undergo major fibroid surgery, hardly 5 survived it. Some women do die as a result of fibroid major surgery.

Therefore, the need to provide a permanent solution to fibroid in women arises. Natural research has revealed that fibroid can be cured completely with herbs without undergoing the risk of major surgical operations. All that is needed is white palm kernel nuts, that is palm kernel that is not yet ripe, the back coverage is green while the inside nut is white. The woman with fibroid should chew at least 25 of the white nuts every evening after meal for a period of 1 month. The tumor will gradually melt away.

(b)      In alternative, the woman should buy 8 litres of “FIBROIDCURELYN” Natural herbal mixture for total fibroid cure and drink 1 full tumbler every night after meal before going to bed daily for 1 month, the fibroid will melt away. Fibroidcurelyn has to be taken every night because body metabolism takes place very fast at night when the entire body system is at rest.

 Fibroidcurelyn is one of the most active natural cure for fibroid. Fibroid can possibly be caused by lack of constant exercise, excess of contraceptive pills; dicting etc. women are therefore advised to avoid any of these things that can possibly cause fibroid as prevention they say is better than cure.

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Worms are parasites that lives inside the body system of human beings. We have different types of worms, namely: tape worm, hook worm, tread worm, round worm and so on. The activities of these worms in the body system can lead to various disorders in the body system. For example, worm can cause miscarriages in women, they can also cause stomach ulcer, vomiting, stomach noise, above all, they can make someone to reduce weight and so on. Therefore, there is adequate need to eliminate them with formula for worms and stomach problems. All you need to do is, get 1 bottle of this active natural worm expeller called WORMBERLYN and drink 4 table spoon full in the morning before eating and 4 table spoonful at night after meal for a period of one (1) week. All worms in the body will be grinded and subsequently be eliminated through the feaces.

(b)      In alternative, get 8 pieces of lime oranges and dogoyaro leaves, cook with 2 litres of water, for adult 1 glass (tumbler) 3 times daily for 5 days. For children, ½ a glass 3 times daily for 5 days

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This is a kind of pain that normally occurs around the teeth region. When worms invade the gum region of the teeth, it causes severe pains around the teeth and hence causes toothache. Sometimes, if the tooth is removed, the worm will transfer to another tooth and continues more damage. Toothache can be cured permanently with herbs. All you need to do is get 10 sachets of VIVAIN powder (Herbal powder for toothache) use 1 sachet everyday by diluting the powder content of the 1 sachet of vivain with the juice from 6 lime oranges and pour the mixture in your mouth and bend you head a little to the position where the tooth is aching for about 5 minutes, pour out the mixture. Then rinse your mouth immediately with warm water mixed with salt to form salt solution. Repeat same procedure daily for 10 days.

(b) In alternative, mix small quantity of petrol & salt, soak it with cotton wool and allow the cotton wool to dry a bit, then insert the cotton wool directly to the position of that tooth. After like 5 minutes, remove the cotton wool and then rinse your mouth with salt solution immediately. Do it 4 times daily, gradually it will stop.

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Staphylococcus Aureus is a very stubborn infection that requires complex herbal remedy. It is a bacteria infection mostly contacted through sex, otherwise called Venereal Infection (VD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI). The symptoms of staphylococcus Aureus ranges from constant headache, general weakness of the body, object movement in the body, weak erection of penis in men, low sperm count, watery sperm, quick ejaculation, vagina discharge in women, internal heat, infertility, stomach problems, stomach noise and many more. To cure Staphylococcus Aureus, you need 20 sachets of STAPH CURE FIRST MEDICATION and 20 sachets of STAPH


Staph cure is a very powerful natural combination of herbs that are capable of preventing and total cure of Staphylococcus Aureus. Staphcure 1st and 2nd medication are well prepared with 100% herbs like: Aloe vera powder, lime, ginger, baked honey powder, perpin, osisikara roots, egbo atta, cashia alata, wonderful kola, garlic powder, egbo madunaro and charlots.

 First of all, mix the 20 sachets of the STAPHCURE (1st Medication) with 2 litres of pure natural lime juice and add 35cl of pure natural honey in a container with a cover, shake very well and allow to ferment for 1 day. Then drink ½ a glass every night until the whole medicine is finished. Then mix the 20 sachets of the second medication of STAPHCURE with 2 litres of good palmwine, allow to ferment for 1 day, then drink ½ a glass every night after meal until all the medicine is finished.(b) In alternative, get 3 bulbs of garlic, 2 white onions, golden seal powder, 10 lime oranges, wild lotus, 2 handful of melon and wonderful kola. Cut all into pieces and boil with 4 litres of water for 30 minutes then drink ½ a glass in the morning and same at night after meal for 2 months.

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Typhoid is another kind of fever contacted mainly through drinking contaminated water. The name of bacteria that causes typhoid is called “Seromonela Typhi”. Similar to malaria fever, the symptoms of typhoid fever ranges from person to person. These symptoms include: constant headache, cold, loss of appetite, vomiting, bitterness of the tongue etc. Typhoid fever can adequately be prevented by boiling our drinking water and by taking herbal preventive remedies at intervals. NATURAL TEST FOR TYPHOID FEVER: Get roasted yam, not fried nor cooked. Eat it last thing at night before you go to bed with plenty of palm oil. The following morning, observe the colour of your excreta (feaces) if the colour is black, then know that you have typhoid, if the colour is not black, then you don’t have typhoid. CURE FOR TYPHOID FEVER: To cure typhoid fever effectively, get 10 sachets of ALOE GINSENG and mix with 1 litre of pure natural lime juice in a container with a cover. Add 35cl of pure natural honey, shake well and drink ½ (half) a glass at night until the whole medicine is finished. (b) In alternative, get 6 sachets of lipton tea, 25 pieces of lime oranges, 2 unripe paw-paw, 2 unripe pineapples, 3 sachets of alabukun powder, the tick skin of mango tree, cut to pieces and boil together in a pot for 30-40 minutes with 1 gallon (4 litres) of water. Add the 3 sachets of alabukun powder, 5 minutes before you put down the pot from the fire source. CAUTION: Don’t add any alabukun powder if it is going to be used for a pregnant woman and children below 10 years of age. Drink 1 full tumbler 3 times a day for 2 weeks. (c) In alternative, squeeze a handful of scent leaves, a handful of lemon grass and also grinded garlic plus 3 sachets of alabukun powder into a container add water (2 litres) and boil a little then drink ½ a glass at night daily, it helps to remove typhoid bacteria (sermonala typhi) from the blood system

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“Blood” they say is “Life”. Therefore, the need to constantly keep our blood very clean, strong and healthy is very important. Mix 10 sachets of NATURAL VITE with 2 litres of boiled water, add35cl of pure natural honey. Shake very well and drink ½ (half) a glass at night at regular intervals.

(b) In alternative, prepare 1 cup of pineapple juice, add mash banana, 1 raw egg, mix very well with 2 table spoonful of pure natural honey. Drink all at night as a single dose before going to bed. As body metabolism takes place very fast at night when the body system is at rest.

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